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Monday, February 01, 2010

Makeup - men - headshots, "to do or not to do", that is the question.

I'm all for looking as close to yourself as possible and don't really agree with too much photoshopping when it comes to Headshots. For the most part, I've never really been for or against makeup for men, but have come to the conclusion from recent jobs I've done recently that makeup should be done for the male Headshot photo. Why you ask? Well, when you get on set, won't you be sent to hair and makeup, so why not do the same and treat it the same way. Now, I'm not talking about the same degree of makeup that is used on a women. I like to still keep it natural and sometimes the only things needed with a guy who's got great skin and no under eye issues is a bit of powder foundation to make sure that there's an evenness to the skin tone. Now you ask, what about when I walk into the audition room, I'll still have the uneven skin tone, birthmark, age spot, or whatever makes you you. A little powder foundation will do the job in letting the natural you come through and looking good. And besides, it will cut down on the shiny glow that happens when they put you on camera where they can only do their best to make you look good with the minimal lighting and less than professional camera most casting directors have to use.

After just working a corporate shoot where the majority of the photos being taken were of "men", all lawyers, the thought of wearing makeup was something most wanted no part of, especially an older gentlemen that asked on a couple of occasions, "is it really necessary?" After I did my thing, I heard him tell his colleagues after he took a look in the mirror, "wow, it really does make a difference but it doesn't really look like I have anything on." Depending on the issues I was dealing with each of the men, depended on which approach I took with what kind of makeup I would use, but the result was always the same, make it look natural and light, not made up and heavy.

Here's another tip if you're an actor/model. Take your Headshot, Resume, SAG/AFTRA card, call sheet or any such professional Id and you'll be able to get a discount card for a yearly fee. Very worth it.

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