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Monday, November 30, 2009

On November 1 Mary came to do a preview with her Maid of Honor Julie. I really enjoyed the 2 of them and how comfortable our consultation, preview and conversation went which made me excited for the wedding day on November 14th where whe would be getting ready at the Crown Plaza in Redondo beach. I had just had a great experience at a Crown Plaza and was asking whether her bed felt like sleeping on a cloud as it was for me. Yup! Her photographer was Stephanie Howard, a friend of the bride and groom. I actually got to meet the groom that day which is not something I normally get to do. He actually helped the bride with little sewing project she needed for the big day, ; ). Just for me and the bride to know. It was a real pleasure to work on both Mary and Julie. Both very easy to work with and on. Photos of the event can be seen on Stepanie Howard's blog.

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