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Monday, February 09, 2009

Last month I had the great pleasure of working with Renee for The Miss Chinatown Los Angeles Pageant. Renee is such a beautiful person and really great to work with. She had full trust in me and I seem to know what she wanted. We were pretty on sync when it came to making sure that things were taken care of and nothing missed. Although she didn't win or place, I had many come up to me and voice their sadness of her not winning or at least placing, which I thoroughly agreed with. I had a change for hair and makeup for practically every outfit. Quite hectic let me tell you, but very fun. We had done a trial day, but still changed things last minute. I don't think I've ever done a hairstyle so quick. Her boyfriend David, who was there during the trial supplied the photos. I just loved the way he couldn't stop "gazing" at Renee while I worked on her and she showed her different looks with her outfits. The look in his eyes were just priceless, the look we all hope to have in the person that we love looks back at us. Just beautiful! You'll find David in the beginning shot and on stage with the plaque.

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