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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A few photos from a job done at the St. Regis hotel in Dana Point. Braids seem to be a big thing as of late. Photos by me.

My best friend Michelle who's also a makeup artist. Well she was getting headshots done and called upon her friend to do her hair and makeup. Gosh it was so hard to make her beautiful. (hope you hear the sarcasm in that)

This is Emmalou, one of my clients who is on her way to a fashion show where the look was to be the '60s. So it's all about the lashes, liner and red lips. Beautiful!

I wanted to show how this style can be done on short and long hair. You'll notice the longer version on one of my earlier posts and I had a request for it from someone with shorter hair, to be honest wasn't sure it could be done, but as you can see it worked with beautiful results.

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